GRAF brings you the programme of contemporary art in Catalonia. The agenda that combines all agendas.

October 2014
by Aimar Pérez Galí (Espacio Práctico)

In this October route I will divide all the things that happen and will happen in: scheduled, monthly and virtual. The scheduled ones happen at a given day and there we see each other, however there are lots and I am not sure my professional spectator’s desire can keep up. In the monthly ones, each person arrange it and maybe we coincide, or if you want we arrange a date and we go together. In the virtual ones each person will visit them from their own computer wherever he/she is in one of these breaks we take between things.

Scheduled things

I saw Live Cinema –The happy generation more or less a year ago in CCCB because I was working with Sara Fontán, the violinist player who plays with Joan Colomo and Spazzfrica Ehd, and it convinced me that I had to see it. I followed the advice and enjoyed immensely. A film made with found Super8 fragments which evoke a narrative, but overall a blurry remembrance of an age.

This Thursday the 9th at 10pm you can enjoy it if you come around L’Estruch in Sabadell (I think through Facebook you can get discounts).

On Saturday the 11th, at 7pm, Lorena Alvarez visits us in MACBA with Coral Bistuer, where she will recuperate choir singing with amateurs. Even though I knew her name I didn´t know her songs, so I am now listening to her album while I write this route. I have to recognize that each song gets better and better.

On Wednesday the 15th at 8pm the second edition this year by Liminal Gr, The Insults workshop, will take place in Antic Teatre. And with a warning: “This Liminal has the format of an open workshop. It is possible that during the session insults and bad words are uttered. The public can get insulted and at the same time will be invited to insult. The organization is not responsible for the secondary effects that might cause this session”.

On Saturday the 18th at 7.30pm we have Antonio A.Caballero Galvez in Espacio Practico presenting a conference under the tilte Cholitas of the 21st Century, about the female masculinity, free-fight and the chola culture of Bolivia, where he has been a few months investigating about this phenomenon. In addition to the talk he will also show us a documentary.

The weekend of the 18th and 19th the IN_formales is presented in La Poderosa –a space for dance and their pollutants in Raval. In IN, works in process or unfinished, sketches, experiments are presented to the public after being selected through an open-call.

For those who already have descendants, or who have a nephew or a cousin to take out and stimulate, on Sunday the 19th you have the chance to participate in an intergenerational workshop with the performer Sonia Gomez in Graner, the creative dance factory in Zona Franca.

Even though the tickets sold out only five hours after the announcement in the web, from the 20th until the 22nd we have Georges Didi-Huberman giving a seminar Emotion doesn’t say “I”, organized by the Independent Programme Studies. Macba has informed that if you don’t have a ticket, you can go a little bit earlier in order to be included in the waiting list and you are very likely to enter the seminar.

Monthly things

If there is an exhibition this year that has made me think, it is the Kerry James Marshal show co-organized by Fundacio Tapies and Museo Reina Sofia, open until the end of the month. On the 4th we had the chance to listen to him in conversation with the sociologist and writer Paul Gilroy, who was also present the day before in Llibreria Canibal.

In Suñol Foundation there was the opening on the 2nd of Perfect Lovers –Art in the HIV age with the collaboration of ArtAids Foundation. It includes artists such as Félix González-Torres, Pepe Espaliú o Nan Goldin. Among great works one can see Carrying, the video of the action by Espaliú that, even though I heard a lot, I never had the chance to see.

And I hope to find the time to see this month three more events in my list:

Lesson 0 – El llibre d’educació estètica de l’Escola Moderna, by Priscila Fernandes in l’Espai 13 de la Fundació Miró.
El Gir – Guió obert per a performance col·lectiu, by Joan Morey in Galería SIS de Sabadell.
5 explosiones de un Ford Pinto, by Ryan Rivadeneyra in La Capella.

And the list could go on but at some point one has to socialize, eat or continue working…

Virtual things

I would like to talk about three projects that are happening online:

La bonne distance (the right distance), a programme of videos by Heroinas de la Cultura (aka Alexandra Laudo) for Vithèque, where she reflects on law and its cheatings, these grey zones where legality gets challenged. Among other videos includes one by Luz Broto where she avoids the rules in a very peaceful and elegant manner.

The other online project that I would like to share is the videoplaylists by TEATRON, the online free scenic community. The TEATRON team (Ruben Ramos and Roger Adam) monthly asks an artists or collective to prepare a videoplaylist in relation to a specific interest. This month is by Anto Rodriguez, an artist from Asturias who lives in Madrid. He traces some lines around the autobiographical, very present in his performatic work.

Finally the work by theoretician and performer Jaime Conde-Salazar, who is writing in El Graner thinking-blog about the The dance of the future. He reflects on the state of dance and choreography, or the series of Interiors in which he reflects about the idea of space. Jewells to make you wonder.

That’s it for this October route. Go quietly to all, split between friends and then meet and explain each other or try to go to everything if you feel eager to. As Isidoro Valcarcel says: there it is.

Text by Aimar Pérez Galí (Espacio Práctico) for GRAF