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PAZ ROJO ‘To Dance in the Age of No-Future’

19:0020:00 h
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Preu: Activitat gratuïta
Arts en Viu

To Dance in the Age of No-Future proposes a reflection related to contemporary experimental dance related to the semantic field of the term “destitution”. Following in the footsteps of the ways in which the historic tradition of dance has generated dissident corporalities in the last fifty years, the book suggests, from an aesthetic, philosophical and socio-political perspective, the possibility of a dance separate from that neoliberal format where the entrepreneurial spirit and production of subjectiveness rule. This is a proposal where dance is approached as an existential category linked to an experience of freedom that is fugitive; as it lacks objectives, it leads to an aesthetic paradigm which should not be interpreted as a particular type of thing (a stage approach, a dancer, a subject or even a social or artistic process), but rather as the incarnate experimentation of a disparity. The commitment of dance with the future (or lack of) must create alliances with potentiality and with nothing. Imply a type of attention that encourages an interval, a threshold, a curve, a parenthesis, an eclipse, a vacuum. A dance, the power of which must be apprehended, where it is already happening.