Lloc: The Curators Room
Carrer de Trafalgar 45
08010 Barcelona
Preu: Activitat gratuïta

The Curators Room presenta “Lullabies”, una exposición colectiva de Laura Hermanides, Eloy Arribas, Jan Monclús y Fabrizio Cotognini. Curada por Manuela Pereira y Gabriel Rolt.


Little one, who dwelt in the house of darkness
well, you are outside now, you have seen the sunlight.
Why do you cry, why do you scream?
Why didn’t you cry there?
You have awakened the god of the house,
the kusarikkum has woken up:
“Who woke me up, who frightened me?
The little one woke you up,
the little one has frightened you!
Like the wine drinkers,
like the drinkers,
Let sleep fall upon him!

(Babylonian lullaby, ca. 2000 b.c.)

And even there
in the closing of the eyelids
there is an intimate dexterity
a cavernous cooing

in the end it was all about that:
in the place where to close the eyes
a tiny mouth when saying my child
the place where the muscle is lost

there too
my child, my child, my child, my child, my child
I learned myth and voracity

(Arancha Nogueira 2022)