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Presentació de Conglomerate TV per l'artista Ethan Hayes-Chute

20:0021:30 h
Lloc: Bombon projects
Trafalgar 45, local 3
08010 Barcelona
Preu: Activitat gratuïta

Hey! Hola! Ethan Hayes-Chute és a Barcelona i el dimarts 23 de gener a les 20.00h presentarà el projecte CONGLOMERATE TV a Bombon Projects!

Per aquells que encara no coneixen, CONGLOMERATE TV is a collaboratively produced Television Network founded in 2016 by 5 Berlin-based artists and filmmakers: Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Derek Howard, Christopher Kline, and Dafna Maimon.
Conglomerate explores the potential of the Television Network model, utilizing the organizational structure and output format of “television” while building a collectivity-focused network. While the overall project is conceived of as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, each video segment ties into and utilizes a different artistic practice or gesture. At times, these segments form an entire TV show or video work, while at others they appear as a structural element facilitating a greater whole, without hierarchical division. Through the multiple ways the different elements and modes of collaboration are woven together, the Blocks form a kind of network of voices, perspectives, relations, skills, and collective affective labor.