Vila i Vilà, 65
08004 Barcelona

Friday and Saturday: 20:30 h
Sunday: 19:00 h
We're a VERY nice theatre venue. First of all, we don't open doors every weekend. We’re only open when we’ve found something that you really have to see. We promise to surprise you every time you come. Language is the least of our worries, because our artists don't begin their projects from written texts but from ideas. Dance is their best tool to communicate, but they also make use of gesture, music, technology and any object you don't expect to see on stage. They do it in a way that is always personal and new. Playing it all in. And they almost always win. Although the stage is wide, there is room for only 120 people in the grandstand, and instead of seats we have benches with cushions so we can be even closer. It's like going to a club, only better. Mr. Lee says our program is sexy. The truth is, we're pretty good-looking. But mostly we're passionate about what we do. And our biggest obsession is making you like theatre as much as we do. Because theater is encounter. Otherwise it doesn't work. Warning: in this web you will not find synopsis of those that explain stories. Maybe when you come you will find it hard to explain what you have seen. And that will be what you will like the most. The only weird thing is that you haven't come yet. So what? See you in Hiroshima?

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