Apropos Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2022 (eng)

Giving continuity to the series of interviews that we began last year together with Barcelona Gallery Weekend, for this edition 2022, the Graf team have travelled the streets and galleries of the city to interview, or directly assault as the case may be, various people linked to the world of contemporary art and who are also linked to the context of galleries, so that they could share with us their views in relation to the experience they’ve had this year at the BGW.

Collecting is Present: An Encounter with Five Contemporary Art Collectors

by Gisela Chillida.

Out of all the cogs in the wheel that turns the art world, collectors are often the least conspicuous, despite keeping the machine well-greased to hold it all in motion. For Art Nou 2022, five collectors have, literally, opened their doors to us, so we can spend some time at home with them, talking about their interests, about how they got started, what inspires them to acquire a work of art and how they have gradually built a collection.