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Carrer dels Vigatans 2
08003 Barcelona
Wednesday – Saturday: 8:00 am – 22:00 pm
Inside the Merlin Laundry (check the program)
nomevoy espacio de arte contemporáneo
NOMEVOY is a clandestine vehicle for contemporary art in which exhibitions are regularly held that challenge the market and make the peripheries visible. Its enunciation appeals to a transgression of the hegemonic spaces, disrupting identities that emerged from migration.
NOMEVOY emerges as a migrant space, following the Granados26 project (2010-2017), located in Mexico City. It was an independent and self-managed space that operated as a forum to disseminate emerging art, encompassing various visual and plastic proposals, publications, theatrical proposals, and festivals.
NOMEVOY It is organized again in Barcelona in the middle of the bonfires for independence as a space that aims to innovate in the ways of exhibiting contemporary art.

Julia Calvo, Marc Dentant, Carolina Castilho Manso, Grecia Azuara, Javier Arango Garfias

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