December 2020
I have a tape recorder and my mother lends me a shovel

All inside the hole, from which water comes out, in which we bathe, from where we saw the mountain, in which we danced and looked at the sea, which appeared inside the hole, when we looked out, and that we did with seven shovels that we carried there, under the willow.

Dorothee: Sunset?
Jessy Page: Hey, before I fall sleep, where do we meet tomorrow?
Tom FX: At what time?
Tom FX: None of us knows the address.
Dorothee: The door next to GRAF’s office.
Jessy Page: ¿Are we meeting tomorrow then?
Dorothee: PEOPLE dirty clothes for tomorrow, the work will be physical.
Dorothee: It is important that at some point we drink water.
Cory: Each brings an empty glass, ok? Except Lacey who brings one full of water.
Dorothee: Actually it would be cool to be all inside because that way it is not slippery.

Jessy Page: Cory, where are you?
Cory: Thinking about the survey.
Heather Fogarty: Mollet, a 10.
Jessy Page: I can see you, Cory. Look in your pocket.
Cory: I think the key is to look out.
Tom FX: It can’t be.
Dorothee: It’s been three days passing the same water from one glass to the other.

Lacey Evans: I think I’m very late.
Dorothee: I leave you a note.
Lacey Evans: Perfect, when leaving the station I look on the right.
Dorothee: We make you a list of things:
Tom FX: The rules of the glass.
Tom FX: The norms of water.
Dorothee: The world is upside down.
Sam Tyller: It is not fair.
Heather Fogarty: ¡Hi everyone!
Tom FX: Holi.
Dorothee: Talking about glasses…
Lacey Evans: ¡Hi! Sorry for not answering earlier.
Cory: ¿What?
Jessy Page: Water.
Cory: The glass of water is in GRAF.
Jessy Page: Tell me where to buy.
Cory: Ok.
Jessy Page: And beer, if it is cold.
Sam Tyller: A few crisps.
Dorothee: And something with vinegar and spicy.
Cory: It looks like a cave painting.
Dorothee: Paella, pills, vegetables, wine, shovel, mat.
Tom FX: Bring a plate and a fork!!!!
Dorothee: And oil.

Dorothee: I’m going to the psychologist and I tell him sadness.
Dorothee: I’m going.
Cory: ¿Where?
Donna Garthwaite: I comb and so on.
Donna Garthwaite: It takes me 5 mins.
Tom FX: It takes me 7 mins.
Tom FX: I’ve three stops left.
Lacey Evans: Me 9 mins.
Donna Garthwaite: Me too 10 hehe…
Donna Garthwaite: Me too, at the tower.
Donna Garthwaite: But I can’t see them.
Dorothee: Sorry people, now yes, 2 mins.
Dorothee: Problems with Bicing.
Cory: Dance.
Tom FX: Now we dance, now we see.
Heather Fogarty: Are you a blink ? 🙂
Sam Tyller: This is the photo you would send to another person.

Lacey Evans
: Where are you Cory?
Dorothee: He died
Cory: Time to dig, fit, finish.
Dorothee: Go further down.
Cory: But it is dark and it is a bit chaos.
Sam Tyller: A C A B ar
Cory: The assumption.
Heather Fogarty: Is water coming out from the land?
Heather Fogarty: Is the sea coming out from the hole?
Jessy Page: Yessss.

Cory: Dorothee, can I take a bite of your bread.
Dorothee: It can’t be.
Dorothee: Rubbish ashtray wash ibuprofen.

Lacey Evans
: ¿Qué hase?
Sam Tyller: I’ve found this in a drawer.
Dorothee: Things that make light. Something can be
Sam Tyller
: A guinea pig?

Sam Tyller: ¿What are you doing?
Cory: A hole.
Sam Tyller: I can see, but for what?
Sam Tiller: ¿What are you doing with this bunch of nice people?
Tom FX: The first exhibition in Mars.
Tom FX: Mars is with capital letter?
Sam Tyller: Yes Madrid is with capital letter, Mars too.
Cory: Manolo. My history with the guinea pig, Manolo.
Sam Tiller: ¿Are you having a nice time?
Lacey Evans: Fiestaaaa.
Sam Tyller: ¿Bury or unbury?
Cory: When I became an artist I didn’t think I would have to work so much.
Cory: It is so tiring this thing to be late.
Sam Tyller: An abstract year.
Jessy Page: Intense, very intense.
Jessy Page: twork twork twork.
Dorothee: a pillow, please.
Cory: I go.
Cory: Un cojín, porfi.
Sam Tyller: Audio will always be there.

Text by Alexander Arilla, Camila Cañeque, Cristina Moreno, Joana Capella, Laia Ventayol, Mar Reykjavik, Violeta Mayoral as a restult of the activity proposed by Marc Vives and made for the Miquel Casablancas’ Prize (Sant Andreu Contemporani) in collaboration with GRAF and LAPLACE.

Text by Alexander Arilla, Camila Cañeque, Cristina Moreno, Joana Capella, Laia Ventayol, Mar Reykjavik, Violeta Mayoral with Marc Vives within the framemark of Premi Miquel Casablancas –  Sant Andreu Contemporani in collaboration with GRAF and LAPLACE. The 8 artists decided to spend 3 days from sun to sun sharing and mixing their own art practices. From this intense meeting emerge different scope materials, this text and each one is wearing something.