July 2021 Territori contemporani 5/5 by Anna Dot

I don’t know if you have wings, but there are those who believe that someday we will all have them and a part of us will leave our body and see the ground we are magnetized to from the heights. I don’t know if you have wings, but maybe you can imagine that they come out and that you take flight and look up, because this bruise is deep and brutal. Then, a little later, maybe you overcome the vertigo and look down. If you already are, if you already fly, this route is for you and it starts here: to the sky.

January 2021
Eleven doorways and a parking

I have hung a piñata next to my house. I order chronologically at the hallway the images of the building. I stand behind the mirrored glass door. In the hallway there is a faux leather sofa. I invite a volunteer to come by. We are all tenants. From the window I unhook a box. I change my car into a home. We cross the doorway playing hopscotch. An image of the staircase covers the front door. We walk blindfolded to the sea. The staircase has two skylights.