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Apories sobre l'aire

Venue: Bòlit
Plaça del Pou Rodó, 7-9
17004 Girona
Price: Free event

How do we relate to what we don’t see? What is our relationship with air?

Given the scientific evidence that current air pollution in cities kills and that this public health crisis is interrelated with the climate crisis and the covid pandemic, this program invites us to think about the relationship we have with air and the need to establish a change in a system that prioritizes the logic of the neoliberal economy over the health of its inhabitants.

In The weight of the air Olga Subirós focuses on the air as a space of poetic-political struggle from a physical, nanometric and environmental perspective with the participation of the artists Maria Arnal, Fito Conesa, Oriol Riverola (John Talabot) , Mireia Saladrigues and Pep Vidal. Subirós was curator of the Catalan Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 with the Air/Aria/Aire project that serves as a precedent for the current exhibition. The commissioner appeals to the universal right to breathe. She also highlights the incidence of covid-19 in the consideration of air and in the relationship we have, both at a scientific level and at a citizen level, with particles that do not but we see that they are part of our ecosystems.

Beyond scientific-lyrical activism, Apories sobre l’aire also wants to offer a more speculative look at this essential element. In this venture, Ingrid Guardiola in En suspensió will curate the newly created projects of Abelardo Gil-Fournier and Job Ramos, in addition to showing for the first time the work of Núria Merino Les costes de l’aire.

By Maria Arnal, Fito Conesa, Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Núria Merino, Job Ramos, Oriol Riverola (AKA John Talabot) , Mireia Saladrigues and Pep Vidal.

Curators: Olga Subirós and Ingrid Guardiola

Apories sobre l’aire