The landscape and the color. Perception, meanings and intervention

09:0019:00 h
Venue: Espai Cràter
Carrer Macarnau, 55
17800 Olot
Price: Free event

Color is always present in the landscape. We often detect the changes and transformations of the landscape through chromatic variations that always awaken emotions in us. Color also helps to give character to the place and to identify it collectively. On the other hand, it is well known that human cultures have attributed a lot of meanings to colors, changing in time and space.

How does all this affect our interaction with the landscapes of everyday life? How can we use color more and better when intervening in the landscape? What does art have to say?

This day, organized by the Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya with the support of Bòlit Center d’Art Contemporani and Olot City Council, aims to provide new elements for reflection and debate on the role of color in perception, management and intervention in the landscape.

It is organized by: Observatori del Paisatge de Catalunya. Collaborating: Bòlit, Contemporary Art Center and Olot City Council. With the support of: General Directorate of Territorial Planning, Urbanism and Architecture of the Department of Territory of the Generalitat de Catalunya, COAC-Girona, Fundació Fita and Escola d’Art d’Olot. . Activity linked to the “Apories sobre l’aire” exhibition. .

El paisatge i el color. Percepció, significats i intervenció