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Geopoetics: Imaginaries for a Planet in Crisis

Venue: MACBA, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Through poetry, music, and performance, Geopoetics brings together the voices of artists and writers who intimately and experientially utilise the first person to reflect on a present marked by the irreversible transformations of planet Earth.

Do the sighting of a Pacific grey whale off the coast of Santa Ponsa (Mallorca), the mysterious news of 3,500 sea lions infected with avian flu in Perú, and the trampling of dozens of owls on an interstate highway in Idaho have anything in common? Climate change imposes a global scale on the collective imagination and links our existence to the fate of the planet through a complex network of interdependencies.

Geopoetics proposes a dialogue with Nancy Holt’s exhibition at MACBA, a conceptual artist and pioneer of Land art, whose work coincides with the publication in 1968 of the first photograph of Earth seen from space. An image that would forever change our view of the world by depicting the idea of a fragile planet with limited resources. If in her day, Holt was a trailblazer in pointing out those devices that frame our perception, the question is who are the artists and writers of the present whose work shows us to look at the world from a more responsible, careful, and situated position.

The programme consists of poetry, music, and performance sessions with Ingela Ihrman, Daisy Lafarge, Imani Mason Jordan, Luz Pichel, Himali Singh Soin, and Ona Bros, whose workshops with the Communities of Ice will imagine children’s stories and fertilisation metaphors beyond the normative idea of nature. The cycle includes screenings of short films from the collective KADIST, which tracks the emergence of new mythologies across the Earth.

Curated by Sabel Gavaldon, Head of Programmes at MACBA, and Alicia Escobio, Programmes Coordinator for the museum.

Geopoètiques: Imaginaris per a un planeta en crisi