Ghost Rider. Joan Pallé and Cayetano Truyols

Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Ghost Rider is a project that fuses the spirit of the original protagonist of Marvel comics in the 1970s with classic literature – Goethe’s Faust – and the eponymous protopunk epic composed by the band Suicide in 1977, extending its lore in a bootleg that presents the archetype of the millennial man – young and precarious – through the figure of a skateboarder and questions of hauntology and demonology. Using video capsules that combine the genre of skating videos and video essays, we narrate the curse that weighs upon our protagonist – eternal youth – which is linked to the ironic twist pertaining to the literal mentality of demonic pacts in which the operability of the magical/demonic serves the textuality of words. When it comes to our character – and the millennial majority – the desire to remain forever young concerns the failure to resolve life favourably towards the adult phase.

Ghost Rider (El motorista fantasma). Joan Pallé i Cayetano Truyols