Dihedral landscapes Jordi Cerdà

Venue: Galeria H2O
Verdi, 152
08012 Barcelona
Price: Free event

This group of works titled Dihedral Landscapes, with poetic license, is part of my way of working the visual language, the painting within the painting, the image of the image, or the mirror as a living reflection within the framed space, in a form of metalanguage.

The works are defined on a geographical space delimited from Alcanar to a part of the Maestrat, where tourism has not yet made too much damage, especially in the interior. The dry stone constructions are remarkable in a type of landscape dominated by the olive and carob trees, the river, the sea, and some fountains between the mountains and the countryside.

The most objective image is the photographic one, but it dialogues with the sensitive visual impression of watercolor, which does not pretend to be objective but rather the opposite. The ground line of this dihedral system with poetic license is the mirror, as an affirmation of the land and the territory itself. The artist’s action aims to penetrate through the mouth of ancient olive trees, some of which still remain from the Roman era dating back to the 2nd or 3rd centuries and are likely heirs of the Punic era, this is why this type of landscape also becomes archaeology.

Jordi Cerdà

Paisatges dièdrics. Jordi Cerdà