Twenty-two holes to make a Cabosanroque and Miquel Garcia requiem

18:3019:30 h
Venue: Bòlit_LaRambla
Rambla de la Llibertat 1,
17004 Girona
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In 1958, due to the imminent inauguration of the Valle de los Caídos (for the 20th anniversary of the end of the war), the regime asked the civilian governments for the location of remains irregularly buried during the war. The epicness of the story and the size of the mausoleum demanded many more bodies than had been buried at the will of the families of the fallen on the national side.

On March 26, 1959, the remains of 171 unidentified republican fighters left Girona in the direction of the Valle de los Caídos. His remains had been exhumed from 22 graves in different towns in the province.

“Twenty-two holes to make a requiem” is an installation that is built from two complementary representations about silence: Using the weight of the earth and dust to make a requiem that visualizes and gives sound body to the fading of 171 names; to put the noise that is inside the silences of the holes in the place of these names that we will never be able to say.

On the other hand, Miquel García in ‘Exhumation no. 2’ proposes an exercise of preventive archeology based on the realization of an exhumation through the symbolic that, on the one hand, reproduces a list of the people buried in mass graves in Catalonia understood as a working methodology used in the processes of historical research and for another, the gesture and action of exhuming, revealing and bringing to light the forgotten.

In collaboration with the Democratic Memorial

Vint-i-dos forats per fer un rèquiem Cabosanroque i Miquel Garcia