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out-of-place gestures

Venue: Castell de Montjuïc
Ctra. de Montjuïc, 66
08038 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Out-of-Place Gestures is a translational movement between spaces, an attempt to bring certain processes and dynamics that operate and shape La Escocesa to the Montjuic Castle. It is a partial assembly of gestures and actions that also speaks to the discomfort of this displacement.

La Escocesa is a factory of creation, a public center for artistic residencies and contemporary art production. At the same time, it is an ecosystem and, as such, is formed by communities of organisms, its physical environment, and the relationships established among them. What interactions, predispositions, or actions articulate this invisible network? What seemingly insignificant gestures are transformative? How do these gestures shape artistic practices?

The utopia of coexistence in a creative space becomes a political project when certain tensions arise between individual and collective, public and private, mine and yours, chaos and order, what is inside and what is outside. However, when explaining the plot that sustains life in the community, we often find that discourses have worn out, and words have exhausted their meaning. It is then that the subtleties of gestures towards a shift that turns them into radicals are revealed.

Through the proposals of Rosa Lendínez, Radial Radiant, Michael Lawton, Juan Antonio Cerezuela, Natalia Castañeda, and Sonia Villar, we approach some of these practices that are articulated, amplified, or distorted as they occupy a space between the walls of the castle.

The artists participating in this exhibition share a common space, a daily life crossed by multiple affections, affinities, and desires. But they also share the will to build an associative project that is more than the sum of its parts, one that has a horizontal structure and contains support networks. In this context, practices, rather than discourses, are the creators of the world.


Out-of-place gestures is a co-production between the Escocesa and Montjuïc Castle.

participating artists
Rosa Lendínez, Radial Radiant, Michael Lawton, Juan Antonio Cerezuela, Natalia Castañeda y Sonia Villar

curatorship and production
Clara Piazuelo and Alba Colomo / La Escocesa

graphic design and signage
Helga Júarez

Gestos fora de lloc